Know About The 3 Biggest Football Clubs In Paris


Football is undoubtedly one of the widely accepted sports in the whole world. Many of the world’s biggest cities are dens to some of the popular football clubs. These clubs not only inhabit a particular region but also have the support and emotions of the whole country. Sometimes, their fame even travels around the world. Paris has hold of some of France’s top-class football clubs. Having a majestic national stadium – the ‘Stade de France’, here are three of the biggest football clubs you will find there:

Red Star FC: The Second Oldest Club In France

The origin of the Red Star Football Club dates back to 1897, which makes it the second oldest club in France. Hailing from the northern suburbs, Red Star was an institution at the beginning.
Even though the club failed to top the tables, they still have managed to get the ‘Coupe de France’ title five times. The 1974-75 eras were when Red Star FC played top-notch football.
Take a not that PSG is not the main rival of the Red Stars in Paris derby. Instead, it is a lower-tier team called the Paris FC, which is the one.

PSG FC: The Most Successful Club In France

PSG FC or Paris Saint-Germain Football Club, founded in 1970, is by far the most successful club in French history. PSG is a proficient football club in Paris and plays the top tier of French football.
PSG overwhelming success has 40 titles in their Hall of Fame, where 39 trophies are top-flight ones. They have bagged up the ‘Coupe de France’ a record twelve times with other higher tier ones as well.
PSG’s archrival is the French pro football club – the Olympique de Marseille, who hails from Marseille.

Paris FC: The Split-Up Cousin Of PSG FC

Founded in 1969, Paris FC is another professional football club in Paris. One year later, Paris FC merged with Stade Saint-Germain and thus PSG came into being. However, two again got separated in 1973.
Paris FC played in the amateur divisions mostly and the last time they played in the top-tier league was in 1978-79. Even though the team does not have a glorious history like PSG, it still did manage to nurture some of today’s greatest players.

Coming to the end you can guess PSG to be the best out of the three. However, fans of Red Stars and Paris FC are equally loyal to their teams.

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